Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breaking off [a piece of that KitKat bar]

It's 5 am and I'm eating a KitKat bar so you know what that means - a traveling day! This morning I fly from Belgrade to Rome and take the train on to Florence. Last night was the first night I couldn't sleep because I was so excited/nervous. Plus I had 4 caffeinated drinks yesterday, which if you were in a 5 mile radius of me, you know was too many.

Moreso than any of the other countries thus far, Italy is where I've dreamed and talked about traveling forever. While I may have imagined showing up at the doorstep of the DiMarino's and being welcomed with open arms and meatballs, I still hope to get a small taste of how some of my ancestors lived. And mostly what they ate. Hopefully the thought of fitting into a bridesmaid's dress when I get back will curb my appetite somewhat but I do foresee lots of pasta, gelato and pizza in the coming week.

My stomach is also a little queasy (maybe the KitKat was a bad idea) because this will be the first part of the trip where I'm on my own. Rebecca left last night to continue on her own trip to Pristina before returning to London. While it may seem a little strange that I started with Eastern Europe and am now proceeding to the Western countries, I do think starting out with a guide/partner was a good warm-up for the solo portion. The country order followed that schedule.

I had a nice reminder of home this morning when my cabdriver chatted up a storm (luckily in English) about his 23 year old daughter who had just gotten her Masters in computer science. He made me think of my Dad and how he's constantly talking to his colleagues and customers about my brother and I. Of course the cabbie brought up Chelsea Handler because EVERYONE in Serbia is talking about her comments following the disaster known as Amy Winehouse. Chelsea, if you're reading this (and I know you are) don't come to Serbia. Ever.

Style alert! Being the cutting edge fashionista that I am, I try to keep up to date everywhere I go and in the case of Europe the hottest new trend is...drumroll...MC HAMMER PANTS. You didn't see that one coming, did you? Neither did I and I've done a double-take about 50 times thinking, is that girl wearing pajamas? Oh wait, no, they severely taper at the bottom, they're just your standard, run of the mill MC Hammer pants. Totes normal.

Off to Italia!

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